Youth Trading Sperms For Cash In Ghana


Youth Trading Sperms For Cash In Ghana.


DAYBREAK quiet investigations in the nooks and crannies of Accra indicate that the now obsolete Sakawa internet scam craze in which unemployed youths made decent cash fooling Europeans and breaking into their accounts have been replaced by a sperm-trading spree with occult masters playing godfather roles.

Depending on the quality of sperm in which specified agents at laboratories in Accra and other urban centers are part of the scam, donors are paid GH¢2000, according to discreet sources.

That alarm had confirmed in another report which says a syringe-sized container of sperm is sold between GH¢2,000 and GH¢3,000 and this has attracted a lot of young men to the hospital who serve as donors.

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These donors are between the ages of 18 and 45 years.
The business, the source said, started unofficially about five years ago and had become lucrative for young energetic students and others who are eager to make money.

Although the hospital is under-resourced, and do not officially have a sperm bank, medical practitioners have been able to use their ingenuity to perform successful sperm fertilization.

A medical expert at one of the hospitals, who asked not to be named, said the donors were taken through series of blood test and sperm analysis to ensure that their sperm did not contain any disease that could be passed on to the customer.

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“We further checked the genetic hereditary of the person to ensure that the family did not suffer from diseases such as epilepsy, deafness and other serious medical ailments before the sperm is donated,” the source said.

It further noted that most of the women who want to purchase the sperm were concerned about the ethnic background of the donor, explaining “that a woman who has a Fanti husband would like the sperm from a Fanti man”.

“Other women also prefer a sperm from a Northerner, Ewe, Ashanti or Ga because they are married to men from those ethnic backgrounds,” it added.

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The source said single women and foreign women who patronized the sperms preferred sperms from tall and dark male donors.

It said others also like to look at the background of the donor, such as profession, physical appearance, and status in society.

The source noted that, though most women come alone for insemination, others are also encouraged by their husbands to undergo such exercise due to their inabilities to make them pregnant.

Other men, the source said, look for donors for their wives to be sure that the specific sperm would be used for fertilization.