What causes yellow teeth? 10 Drinks and foods that stain teeth


What causes yellow teeth? 10 Drinks and foods that stain teeth.

Okay, we all know that white teeth = lovely, and yellow teeth eew, but few of us actually make the effort to sustain our pearly whites. Instead, we absent-mindedly indulge ourself in foods and drinks that look and taste nice, but which are actually the enemies of shiny white teeth.

The rule should be that if a food or drinks can stain your clothing and your mom’s brand new carpet, it can also stain your fangs. And the funny thing is, it doesn’t even matter how otherwise healthy the food is for you! A piece of fruit could be loaded with antioxidants that preserve your health, but if it’s dark, it’s going to stain your teeth, especially if you don’t brush them after eating it.

To get clued-up on the acidic foods and drinks that are ruining your smile, let’s take a look at the top 10 nasty foods and drinks that cause yellow teeth.

1. Wine

Whether it be red or white, it really doesn’t matter, because both wines are menaces when it comes to discolouring your fangs. While it would make perfect sense for red wine to be evil and white wine to be good, the truth is that both are equally as bad for your pearly whites.

See, wine is rich in tannins, and tannins are yellow polyphenols that stain your teeth. You might not notice at first, but the more you drink, the yellower your teeth will become. To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you brush your teeth or rinse your mouth out with water after you’ve had a drink.

2. Vinegar

Mmm, vinegar. That liquid to end all liquids that adds tasty goodness to salads, fries and cooked beets. Mmm, how could we ever be mad at you?


Um, because it stains our teeth?! Vinegar, although tasty and tremendously appealing, is really bad for our teeth and can discolour them, if we use it too often. The good news is that it’s actually not so bad if you use it with the right foods. For example, when mixed with a salad, vinegar tends not to be as bad for our teeth.

3. Coffee

What, you didn’t think you could enjoy a cheeky cup of Joe in the morning and actually get away with it, did you?! The problem with coffee is that it’s just so dark. In fact, there are fewer darker liquids out there. I mean, just take a look at those coffee beans. They’re so dark!

This darkness then has a knock-on effect on your teeth, and can cause them to turn from white to yellow. To stop this from happening, you could always pour much more milk in your coffee (if you don’t drink cow’s milk, there are plenty of alternatives, like almond milk or coconut cream). Just, you know, make sure it doesn’t spoil the taste.

4. Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is also included in our list of foods that stain teeth. Virtually everyone has tried tomato sauce at some point in their lives, and most of us love it so much that we use it weekly. It’s tasty and it adds a bit of zest to our meals.

But tomato sauce is not all that loveable. Instead, it’s a prime teeth stainer. And because many of us use it all the time, many of us are well on our way to a set of yellow gnashers. To remedy this situation, you can include spinach in your meals. Spinach will coat your teeth with a protective film, which means they are less likely to stain. Way to go, spinach!

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5. Beets

If you’ve ever eaten beets, you will know all about their staining power. But did you ever stop to consider that maybe they’re staining your teeth so badly that you’re about to swap white for yellow?

Yup, beets are the enemies of shiny teeth, and they’re even worse in juice form. The only way to keep eating beets while retaining healthy teeth is by brushing your teeth after eating ‘em.

6. Blueberries

Every health fanatic tells you to eat more blueberries, and every health and beauty website (including ours) tells you to eat more blueberries (organic ones). But what gives when blueberries, despite being good for our overall health, cause our lovely beautiful white teeth to go yellow?!

Well, yes, their dark skin can discolour your teeth. But not to worry! Because you can easily remedy this by swirling water around your mouth immediately after you’ve eaten them. Lovely!

7. Curry

Another one of delicious foods that stain teeth is a curry dish. Let it be said that the Indian’s certainly know how to cook up an exotic feast for the senses. But they also know how to indulge us in colourful spices that can wreak havoc with our shiny white chompers. Too much curry will definitely discolour your teeth, but to remedy this you could always include spinach with your meal. Spinach acts as a enamel-protector, and thus lessens the damaging effects that a curry can have.

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8. Soy Sauce

Too much soy sauce could mean that you’ll be seeing your dentist anytime now. Because whilst it’s so wonderfully tasty, soy sauce is also quite cheap when it’s mass produced and this is because companies cut the costs by using soy proteins that are rich in hydrochloric acid.

In case you didn’t know what that is, it’s basically an acid that hates white teeth and will try to destroy them and turn them yellow as soon as possible. It’s basically akin to the villain in a comic-book movie. Soy Man. Or something.

9. Dark Sodas

Dark sodas, such as cola, are not your friends. They might act like they’re your friends, and they might quench your thirst and show your tastebuds a good time, but they’ve got much more sinister motives.

See, dark sodas are firstly so dark that they stain your teeth. And secondly, because we often drink them cold, they cause our teeth to contract, making them more prone to staining. Yikes! So, the next time a dark soda winks at you in the supermarket and pretends to be your friend, just ignore them. Honey, they’re so not worth it!

10. Cranberry Juice

Cranberries are good for us, but not so prepackaged fruit juices. Besides basically being just liquid sugar, prepackaged fruit juices, such as cranberry juice are rich in dark colours and acids that stain our teeth. So if you want to keep hold of your cherished white lovelies, we suggest that you either lay off the fruit juice altogether, or at least drink them as spritzers.

What causes yellow teeth? Do you know other foods that stain teeth?

Stay healthy!