When You Buy Gari And Beans Don’t Add This – It Is Dangerous


When You Buy Gari And Beans Don’t Add This, It Is Dangerous.

Gari and beans is an indigenous food in Ghana known for its superb fragrance and taste.

Aside that, it is very satisfying than most of the staple foods in the country.

Locations where it is sold are always filled with consumers of all caliber.

From the white-color officials workers to those working at the informal sectors.

One important thing we overlook as consumers is that we usually forget that gari and beans are major ingredient.

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In that respect we need not to show extravagance by adding accomplices like egg and fish anytime because that will mean too much protein. Lol.

All you need is to get more beans instead and perhaps your fried plantains to seal the deal.

As a matter of fact, people even add sausage and chicken to gari and beans.

Gari and beans with egg, fish, sausage, ripped plantain and avocado pear why?

As a matter of fact I am a fan of gari and beans too and all I need is my GH 3. I buy gari and beans 2gh and ripped plantain 1gh.

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What is your take on this?