The Church of Pentecost


The first group that stood up to lend an enormous support to the fight against Covid-19 was the Church of Pentecost. And this is what they have done for over 150 years

Before this, they were constructing a 400 bed prison facility and many others. Our forefathers worshipped in Basel, Pentecost, Roman Catholic, Islam etc. They still lived diligently.

These religious bodies have made massive contributions towards the progress of this country in diverse ways.

Some of the premier doctors and health workers to arrive in this country were sponsored by churches and mosques.

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Some of the earliest educational institutions in this country were established by religious bodies.

I was born in a Roman Catholic funded Hospital with missionary doctors. Expenses free.

North Korea does, Denmark does, Rwanda does keep religions in check.

There’s no religion that tells people to steal monies meant for development.

There’s also no where in the constitution that allows for people to be left off the hook when they err, just because they are aligned to a religion.

I’m highly religious but I’m not stupid.

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I do not subscribe to the excesses in religion. I do not believe religion, especially the manner of ours is perfect.

But I don’t believe some of the recent attacks on religion are in anyway justified.

Perhaps we need to dig deeper, to expose a lot more of the reasons why religion, hitherto a strong foundation of the country, is regrettably becoming weaker.

Perhaps we need to emphasize how politicians have also exploited religion and corrupt religious leaders to win votes from their followers and also loot the country.

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Tighten leadership if there’s the need to keep religion in check.

Effect the use of the constitution and law if an individual or individuals in a religion flout national laws.

Let us never be ungrateful. Let us not understate the contribution of religion in the development of this country.

Deal with the biggest problems.