The Benefits Of Eating Palava Sauce (Kontomire Stew)


The Benefits Of Eating Palava Sauce.

In our Ghanaian cultural setting, the evolution of many local and traditional dishes have made most individual wonder which varieties one can choose ranging from our local Breakfast to Lunch and lastly Supper.

Some varieties include Hausa Koko, Obla3yo, Tom Brown, Wheat, Waakye, Rice, Kenkey with Fish, Banku with Tilapia or Okro Stew, Omotuo with Groundnut Soup, Yam with Palava Sauce among others.

Palava Sauce can be enjoyed as a main meal with boiled yam, boiled rice and any other accompaniment you can think of.

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Let’s get started:


  • Kontomire (a bowl full)
  • Palm oil
  • One small size salmon
  • One medium size of momone or salty fish
  • Two table spoon full of agushie
  • Four fingers of pepper
  • Three medium size of tomatoes
  • Three medium size of onions
  • One tablespoon of salt


  • Wash and cook your neatly cut kontomire for three minutes. Check if it is cooked on all sides by stirring. Strain water and or allow to sit.
  • Prepare tomatoes stew like any other stew and add washed momone to it before stirring in grounded ingredients. Add salmon by breaking it into small pieces.
  • Add one tablespoon salt to agushie in a separate bowl with water and mix well to get a think texture. Stir for a few minutes and pour gradually into stew on fire. Cover it, lower heat and allow to cook for five minutes, stir afterwards.
  • Add cooked kontomire to stew.
  • Taste for salt and allow to simmer for about five minutes. Ready to be served.
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Why we should eat Palava Sauce.

Palava Sauce is one of the healthiest meals we have here in Ghana. In the absence of Agushie, you can use soya bean powder as a substitute. Palava sauce has a lot of health benefits and some include:

  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Improves blood circulation due to its richness in iron
  • Lowers Cholesterol.
  • Good for weight lost.
  • Builds cognitive intelligence in children.