How to get rid of redness on the face? Tips and recipes


How to get rid of redness on the face? Tips and recipes.

Do you have a serious meeting or a romantic date, and then you see red spots that suddenly appeared on your face? And, of course, you are now focused on only one problem: how to quickly remove redness on the face. This is not difficult to do even without the help of a specialist. In this article we will share some tips on how to quickly remove redness on the face using affordable home remedies.

The mistake of many girls trying to quickly remove skin redness is that they try to do this by various methods, without understanding the cause of the appearance of redness on the face. Then they start to panic and they try the first recipy that came to hand then they end up in a medical doctor’s office. The consequences of such actions are unpredictable. To avoid this, let’s look at why redness and irritation might appear on the face and how to deal with it without harming the skin.

Find out the causes of redness on the face
A flushed face is not a reason to panic and it’s not a disaster! First study the causes of its appearance and then you will probably know how to quickly and safely remove that redness on the face. So, there are many reasons that can cause this unpleasant phenomenon.


If you have been in the sun for too long, the appearance of redness on your face is inevitable. The skin of the face can instantly burn, and therefore you need to treat it very carefully. What can save skin with a sunburn? Use moisturizers, soothing and antiseptic products. If you prefer natural products, then the chilled sour cream can efficiently remove redness from suntan.

Menstrual cycle
Even minor changes and irregularities in the menstrual cycle can become another reason for the appearance of redness on the face. If you notice that the redness of the face somehow coincides with the period cycle, make sure to do an appointment with a doctor.

Dust of any origin
In fact, every person is in contact with dust and it’s micro-particles almost every second throughout the life. It can be street or home. Dust is omnipresent: it is present in the air and on the floor, on the walls and on clothes. Fighting dust is almost useless, but still necessary. It can be the source of many diseases and ailments.

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Dust can cause face redness for no reason, or even a more serious upper respiratory tract disease. The reason is the complex composition of dust containing inorganic micro-particles and even insect remains, microbes and bacterial parts.

Among the common pathological processes of the human body, allergy occupies a leading position. Anything can provoke this unpleasant ailment: from food to animal hair, plant pollen and cosmetics, household chemicals and medicines. As a result, you can get irritation of the mucous membranes, runny nose or sneezing, redness of the skin, which in this case can be quickly removed with medication or home remedies.

Cosmetic procedures
You may have noticed that the appearance of red spots can also be associated with the use of cosmetic products. A negative reaction may occur in response to poor-quality or expired cosmetics, or it can also occur if you have an individual intolerance to the ingredients of make up or cosmetic products.

You will not need to worry about removing redness in the future, if you simply exclude those products from your arsenal, after which negative skin reactions have been noticed.

Lack of sleep and unbalanced nutrition

The largest organ in the human body – the skin – acts as a kind of indicator of how the body responds to the state of internal organs and external factors. Excess nutrients, as well as lack of nutrients, can also cause redness on the face. A lack of night rest can also affect the condition of the facial skin, and not in the best way.

How to fix the situation? The first is to balance nutrition. The second is to establish the good regime of the day.

Dilated vessels
Usually dilated vessels are a negative result of sun exposure, a hereditary predisposition, liver problems, and individual characteristics of blood vessels. If you have found something familiar among the listed reasons, then the appearance of redness on the face is understandable.

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Do not bring the situation to a critical level and do not provoke redness, so that you won’t need to run aroun in search of a solution to the problem on how to quickly remove redness from the face. Limit your stay in the sun, do not get carried away with visits to sauna, as well as tanning salons, and also refuse alcohol.

Dermatological diseases
The most difficult problem to cope with at home are dermatological diseases. Especially, if there is a genetic affinity for skin diseases. The way out is a systematic treatment with medicines and physiotherapy and constant medical supervision.

How to remove redness from the face?

Probably most women will agree that the redness on the face is comparable to disaster. And many ladies can not even find out the causes of this trouble. All they want to know is how to remove redness on the face quickly at home. There are many ways and methods, and it is important to choose a good and effective recipe. So let’s look at our selection of tips and tricks to get rid of red spots on the face.

Anti-redness cream
The easiest way to get rid of skin redness is to go to the nearest pharmacy and buy a special cream designed to relieve redness. Most pharmacists advise creams that help with dermatitis. They quickly relieve burning and other uncomfortable sensations. But in order to avoid unforeseen reactions and complications, it’s best to get a consultation with a specialist before.

A medicine that we are familiar with from childhood, it effectively relieves inflammation and acts as a chemical peeling. Therefore, use caution when using aspirin. It is not advisable to use acetylsalicylic acid in its pure form. It is better to mix a crushed tablet of aspirin with 1 teaspoon of milk or cosmetic lotion. Spread the mixture on the areas with inflamed skin, and leave for 5-10 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water.

Sour cream
Sour cream is an effective tool that can help relieve redness of the skin. It doesn’t matter why redness appeared – from tanning or if the skin is simply dry, this “natural doctor” will help you. Just smear the reddened areas of the skin with a decent layer of sour cream and rest with this mask for 20 minutes. During this time, the skin will be moisturized, calmed down and acquire a healthy look.

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Parsley leaf mask
An excellent and absolutely safe remedy that can soothes irritated skin and removes redness is parsley leaf mask.

Rinse the greens in running water.
Grind the raw parsley and pour boiled water over it.
Wait for 2 hours.
Strain, and use as a tonic twice a day.

Clay mask
Clay will quickly help restore skin to its normal appearance. Use cosmetic white or green clay.

Pour 1 tbsp of clay in a glass dish.
Add hot water and stir the mixture. It should be thicker than sour cream by consistency.
Cool and apply for 20 minutes on the face. (Make sure it’s not hot!)
Rinse with warm water or a parsley tonic. Remember that if you have redness on the face, then washing with cold water is not recommended. Use lukewarm or room temperature water.

Special exercises for the face that help beat redness
If you perform well-known exercises to normalize hypertension, then the redness of the face will be reduced. It is necessary to massage the cheeks. Do it gently in a circular motion. We move clockwise. Perform the exercise for 15 minutes daily. This will help remove excess muscle tension in the face, and with it, get rid of redness.

Water: elixir of vitality and beauty
Want to get rid of facial redness? Drink plenty of clean water. This will give you strength and energy, and give your skin elasticity and beauty. Normally, an adult should drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day. And it’s not that difficult to do that. Water can restore lost strength and regenerate tissues. It is very useful to drink water after exercise or stress.

If you care for your skin properly and follow the recommendations of cosmetologists, then you can deal with the redness of the face very quickly. However, it can be really useful for the doctor to see and examine the skin for finding our better ways of treatment and care, as we are all individually different.