Public Health Services in Ghana


Public Health Services in Ghana.


Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Services have considered healthcare as a critical sector affecting Ghanaian economy. The Government’s vision is to obtain a healthy population and contribute to the universal health coverage thereby improving Ghanaian health status.

The Ministry of Health in Ghana is involved in building healthcare facilities or hospitals and medical education system to improve the health of the population by delivering quality public health services and managing healthcare industry.

The objective is to improve health delivery by implementation of approved national policies in the country; provide comprehensive health services and manage accessible healthcare at sub-district, district and regional levels in accordance with approved policies; prudently manage healthcare resources available and increase access to available quality health services.

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The main function is to develop appropriate strategies and guidelines to achieve national policy objectives or goalsmanagement of the overall health resources; promote healthy lifestyle and habits among people; establish effective disease surveillance, control and prevention; promote in-service training and education and other activities related to promotion and protection of public health.