Online Pharmacies With Medical Delivery In Ghana

These Are Some Of The Pharmacies That Operate Online With Delivery For Ghanaians.


Online Pharmacies With Medical Delivery In Ghana.

Though money cannot buy life, but it can enhance our health to live and stay longer. Same way medicine can also enhance our health well-being to stay strong and live longer. That is why I have for you some of the pharmacies in Ghana you can order for medicine and get it delivered to the comfort of your room.

There’s no way we can live in a community without visiting the pharmacy shop once in a while. Be it headache, malaria, fever, stomach upset or injuries, we would probably visit the pharmacy for medications.

But take a look into the situation whereby you are sick and cannot walk at all — to go out or reach the nearest pharmacy shop in your hood.

That is where the power lies — as you need to visit an online pharmacy that can do delivery to the comfort of your home with any drug you purchased.

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With the help of your computer or mobile phone, you can order for medicine online and get it directly at your doorstep conveniently.

Technology is advancing and becoming part of human life, and that is why these online pharmacies have web applications and mobile applications that you can use to order for medicine online.

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Today’s article is all about online pharmacies with delivery in Ghana to any destination and you can check these below.

Bedita Pharma

Some pharmacy shops in Ghana provide drugs to major clinics, hospitals and other pharmacies in Ghana, and Bedita Pharma is one of them.

You have the chance to order for medicine online and get it delivered to you.

Locations & Contact Details of Bedita Pharma

Bedita Pharma is located at Dzorwulo, Shiashe and other places in Accra.

You can contact Bedita Pharma on 0555521577 or reach their website on for more.


AddPharma is one of the major pharmacies in Accra, Ghana. AddPharma allows you to shop for all your medical equipment, skincare products, and drugs as well.

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Locations & Contact Details of AddPharma

AddPharma can be reached on phone via: 0244662440 or 0501257178.
And you can visit their website url: to find more details and how to order medicine or any product from them as well.

MediMart Pharmacy

Just as the name goes, MediMart Pharmacy is in charge of all pharmaceutical products and services like drug prescription, consulting and distribution of pharmaceutical products to customers.

Locations & Contact Details of MediMart Pharmacy

You can contact MediMart Pharmacy on 0302815355 — to talk to a professional pharmacist. You can also visit their website on for more information and how to order online from their platform.

Top Up Pharmacy

We have given you more pharmacy shops that you can order online and get it delivered to you at your doorstep above and Top Up Pharmacy is one of them.

Customer service is their first satisfaction. Top Up Pharmacy also has online shop for average Ghanaians to visit and order drugs online.

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Top Up Pharmacy will need your details before doing delivery such as; your name, contact, email address and prescription details.

Locations & Contact Details of Top Up Pharmacy

You can contact Top Up Pharmacy on their phone via 0204355201 or 0303309741.


For online related, you can check out website for Top Up Pharmacy at and follow the steps to order your products online.

Other Online Pharmacies that do delivery in Ghana

  • Pillpoint Pharmacy
  • Unicom Pharmacy
  • E-pharmacy Online Store

Wrapping Up

In summary, waiting for someone to come before you buy medicine lies between life and death, and you can follow any of the pharmacy shops in Ghana above to buy medicine and get it delivered to your home — to save your life. If you are looking for a way to buy medicine online in Ghana, then this is the post recommended for you.

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I am glad to provide you some of the pharmacies with delivery in Ghana today.