Forget Pharmacy: Follow This Natural Blood Tonic Remedy From Home

Forget Pharmacy: Follow This Natural Blood Tonic Remedy From Home.

Blood is a vital fluid in the body of both humans and animals in this world. There’s no way we can live without blood in our system, and such is why it is very important to maintain more blood in our body to enhance blood cells in performing their works for the body.

Just like how technology craft like cars cannot work without fuel in them, same applies to how the human body will not work if there is not more blood available in the body to function properly.

When it comes to blood tonic, the only places we believe to get some are either Pharmacy or Hospitals in Ghana — according to the Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Service.

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Effects of Lack Of Blood

When you have more blood in your body, it becomes a problem though — as it can result in high blood pressure but it’s good to get enough blood on a normal range in your body.

Lack of blood can results to

Why You Need Blood In Your Body


How to prepare Natural Blood Tonic with Remedy

In this article, I will walk you through how you can make this natural blood tonic from the comfort of your home using Kontomire and Milk.

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  • Kontomire
  • Milk


  • Boil the Kontomire and filter the water from the leaves
  • Pour this Kontomire water in Cup
  • Open your TIN Milk
  • Mix the Milk with the water filtered from the Cocoyam’s leaves (Kontomire)
  • Drink the Mixture and you are good to go.

You can repeat this each and every week if you lack blood in your system.

It’s very important to kindly note that, this is natural remedy for blood tonic and does not have any side effect.

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If you happen to be someone who does not like a particular Milk brand due to high cholesterol level, you can seek medical advice — on which Milk has low level of Cholesterol to use for this home blood tonic remedy.

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