I’ve seen a few others commend our country’s President


Troubling times. I’ve seen a few others commend our country’s President for a good work done so far.

But all you see are very educated and supposedly enlightened people turn that into a campaign stage.

Turn it into a mockery of the opposition and its leader. They turn it into a message for four more years.

Shameful and embarrassing. Is everything about winning an election?

And how on earth must the thought of an election be the priority in these times?

This is shameful please. You all remember Ebola? Was more devastating. And I think President Mahama’s government strategy and measures then was the best in West Africa

We do this and turn around to accuse leaders of only thinking about the next election

We do this and we wonder why people in opposition fail to offer any kind of support to government?

Where is the sense of togetherness we desire to fight?

Shameful lots. Shame on anyone believing fighting Covid-19 is the way to winning election and shame again on anyone turning the praises of the President into campaign messages.

I hate this your kind of politics..