Imperial Nursing And Home-care Services – Ghana


Imperial Nursing And Home-care Services – Ghana.

Welcome To Imperial Nursing And Home-care Services.

Welcome to imperial nursing and homecare services (INHS). We are a nursing and homecare agency with the noble aim of providing quality home care for the aged, the physically challenged, children, the sick and patients recovering from surgery and other medical procedures. At Imperial nursing, we have well trained nurses who are equipped to give you the best medical care in the comfort of your home. Are you in need of professional and yet tender and loving in-home medical care for yourself or for a loved one? INHS is here for you. Are you looking for quality and yet affordable in-home medical care for yourself or for a loved one? INHS is your answer!


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About Imperial Nursing And Home-care Services

At imperial nursing and homecare, we provide diverse services based on the needs of our client. Our services may be as short as 8 hours a day or as long as 24 hours a day – the client makes the choice. We provide services for:

 The old and infirmed;

 Post-surgery patients;

 Nursing mothers;

 Infants; and

 Adults with mobility and other medical issues.

Our clients’ welfare and comfort are our priority. If a loved one needs an in-home medical care, please call us now, and we would work together with you to determine the best care for your loved one – it is a partnership. Our nurses are highly trained, caring and very dependable, so you can be assured of quality care!

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