How To Get A Flat Stomach – 7 Simple Tips (MUST READ)


How To Get A Flat Stomach – 7 Simple Tips.

Almost every girl loves wearing skinny jeans, but sometime extra inches on the waistline and bloated stomach get on the way. Today, let’s look at some tips and tricks on how to get a flat stomach with no, or, at least, little effort:

1) How to boost your metabolism

Eating 5 or 6 times a day is a lot more beneficial for your tummy’s shape, than waiting for 5 or 6 hours between your lunch and dinner. Eating more often, but smaller portions, will help boost your metabolism and keep your blood sugar even; therefore, make sure to plan your healthy snacks in advance and see your belly fat melt away.

2) No more stress!

Stress can be one of the causes of bloated stomach, therefore, avoid being worried and stressed and learn to do breathing exercises and mediation or take yoga classes, where you will learn to relax and let go of stress.

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3) Chewing is the key!

To prevent stomach bloating, chew your food carefully and properly. It will help improve digestion and avoid such problems as gas and bloated stomach, so that you will be able to squeeze into your skinny jeans with no effort.

4) Ban bad habits

Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking, if you want to see your stomach flat. It’s an absolute myth that smoking helps you lose weight. Actually, smokers, usually, have significantly bigger stomach, than those who lead healthy lifestyle and exercise. Alcohol, even though it has no fat, contains plenty of calories, which, usually, get stored in your abdomen, leading to a lot of bloating and that famous “beer belly”.

5) Drink water instead of soda

If you want to see your stomach flat, drink plenty of water during the day (minimum 8 glasses), avoiding soda and other sugary drinks. Water will help flash toxins out of your system, boosting your metabolism and thus, helping you get slimmer figure. Soda, on the other hand, contains huge amounts of calories and sugar. If you want a refreshing, healthy and rich in vitamins drink, try this recipe: squeeze half lemon into a cup of lukewarm water (water can also be warm or cold, according to your preference), add 1 tea spoon of honey and 3 tea spoons of aloe vera juice. Mix well all the ingredients and enjoy wonderful and tasty, natural beverage; lemon water is known to be a great metabolism booster and can become a wonderful substitute for your morning coffee to help you kickstart your day.

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6) Flat stomach exercises

Cardio exercises will help you burn calories, thus, helping to get rid of that undesirable belly fat, improving your circulation and boosting your energy levels. Such exercises as running, cycling, dancing and aerobics are the best friends of your flat stomach. Ideally, strive for about 30 minutes of cardio exercises every day, making your weekend – a time of rest.

7) Flat stomach diet

And finally, there is no flat stomach without healthy eating habits. Make sure to do right choices when you go grocery shopping: cut down on junk food, cakes and sweets; instead, buy plenty of rich in fiber fresh fruits and vegetables, and also whole grains, nuts, lean meat and low-fat diary products. Avoid eating 3 hours prior to going to bed, because your body can’t digest the food properly while you are sleeping.

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What are your tips on how to get a flat stomach? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment’s section below.

Stay beautiful!