Ex- Black Stars, Hearts of Oak and Goldfields defender Dan Oppong spoke to me yesterday..

‘When I see the people running clubs in Ghana especially with our big clubs, it makes me sad. They’re the cause of Ghana football woes. How can a club like Hearts of Oak watch on for over 20 of their top stars to leave on free transfer in the last years. Did you see how difficult it was for players to leave under Nii Ayi Bonte and Harry Zakour time. Whiles I played for Goldfields, Hearts monitored me for over 2 years before making a move for me. They were in constant touch.

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Sometimes Harry Zakour will bump into your house without notice, drive you around, joke with you and make you feel you’re the most important player in the team. But secretly he does same for all the players

Herbert Mensah will come to the field, carry you on his shoulders after a good game and walk you around the stadium. He will call you on phone and discuss family issues with you and solve it with you if you have any. This is what we call leadership.

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Players cannot even hold discussion with their chairmen now unless it is about money. All the leaders think is let’s sell him and let’s make money. No consistency

The current ones are only interested in power and money. One person is doing everything in the club. They don’t value the footballers. It is always about themselves. There is a big problem with the people leading the clubs. It is a disaster when you hear what the players go through when they meet these so called leaders.

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I don’t think we lack talents. The league is down because we lack quality leaders who know how to run football. Now it is all about books books and no common sense leadership. How will you get sponsors if you the leader is popular and driving cars when your players are unknown to the people..