How To Get Pink Lips Naturally


How To Get Pink Lips Naturally.

Are you aware that skin disorder can cause dark lips. A number of chemicals and cosmetics have been introduced as cure to dark lips.

Dark lips is not a disease but it looks more attractive when they are pink.

Applying chemicals and strong cosmetics to change the face our lips could do you more harm than good. Dark lips can also be caused by chemical intake, skin lighting, smoking and other unhealthy lifestyle.

Personal hygiene is also a good factor to dark lips.

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Lips tend to be naturally lighter in some area as the melanin on that part of the lips is way less compared to the rest of the body. Apply these home remedies to get pink lips

These two home remedies work if you want lighter lips:

1.With Beetroot

All you need is beetroot. It has a natural bleaching properties. Beetroot is usually added to lip balms. Aside making the lips pink, it also a moisturizer and a nourisher to the lip.


get your fresh beetroot juice from a squeezed beetroot

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– store it in a refrigerator for a while

– Apply by rubbing gently on clean lips just before bed to be left overnight

– Wash off the following morning

– Do this repeatedly at night

2. With Lemon

Lemon is good for lightening the face of the skin. It works naturally with no side effect. Its not only used on the skin but for all dark spot on the skin. It is a natural bleach.


– Squeeze lemon juice from the lemon fruit

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– Apply the juice on clean lips just before bedtime

– Do this repeatedly.