Courses and Training in Public health


Courses and Training in Public health

There are various Undergraduate, Postgraduate or Short courses available in field of public health provided in classrooms, online or distance education. These courses enhance timely, efficient, reliable, effective and quality public health service delivery by public health functionaries.

The mandate of public health training program is to provide training opportunities in development of better professionals; provide specialized monitoring services or laboratory diagnosis and conduct research on important Public Health problems.

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Master of Science in Public Health Management(MPH)program in collaboration with the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, Rome, Italy (UTIU) is conducted by James Lind Institute (JLI). This program of 1 to 1.5 years provides Advance PG Diploma from JLI followed by master degree in public health from UTIU.

It is a dual online degree program with an Advanced PG Diploma in Tropical Medicine; Public Health Research; Healthcare and Hospital Management; Surveillance and Immunization; etc. following which the student progresses to masters degree. In the online MPH program, the University along with Institute initiates the transfer process.

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The module includes various specialization topics and submission of Dissertation or Thesis. MPH program is designed to improve quality of life through preventive measures, ongoing education and delivery of quality health services.

This science-intensive program helps develop the managerial and communication skills needed to solve organizational public health problems and understand the factors influencing social policies. During MPH degree students are trained to deal with emerging disease issues, environmental or epidemiology concerns and healthcare reform.


At James Lind Institute, we are here to help you at every step of your journey from finding the right program, enrolling in your program, studying at JLI, and a successful outcome after your complete your program.


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