Grind Bitter Kola And Moringa Leaf. Take Twice Daily To Treat These Diseases


Grind Bitter Kola And Moringa Leaf. Take Twice Daily To Treat These Diseases.

Your health is a key determinant of your health status and that is the reason why you should pay close attention to it.

All the time we must make sure we take our health seriously so that we will not suffer from any underlying ailment.

In this article, we will be sharing with you how to prepare this great combination of bitter kola and moringa leaf and also tell you about the many benefits.

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How to prepare (Different Preparations)

Grind the bitter kola and the moringa leaf, soak it in water. It is effective to improve sexual desire, reduce blood pressure and also reduce sugar level.

You can also add monringa leaf when preparing your soup, this provides dietary supplements like selenium, vitamin D, vitamin B1 and magnesium. It also helps to improve fertility in women.

Boil a handful of moringa leaves and 3 bitter kola for 20 minutes, It is effective in curing the problem of infertility in men and women.

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Drink the water twice a day, Morning and evening.

Eat little bitter kola, it will improve your sexual performance. It will also make you last long in bed naturally.

Grind 3 bitter kola and a handful of moringa leaves and soak in water for 7 days. Drink 1 tablespoon twice a day to end low performance and also increase your libido.

Other health benefits

It reduces the risk of prostate cancer

It boost the immune system.

It Increases metabolic rate

It reduces constipation and bloating.

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It reduces the risk of asthma

It Improves digestive health.

It prevents inflammation.

It prevents kidney problems.

It helps to detoxify the body

It supports libido

It prevents premature aging.

It Increases mental clarity.