Health benefits of massage: 10 Reasons to get a massage once in a while


Health benefits of massage: 10 Reasons to get a massage once in a while.


Health benefits of massage: 10 Reasons to get a massage once in a while

The number one reason why you should get a massage is – it feels great! But, if you need some more excuses to enjoy a long, relaxing massage, here are ten more great reasons why everyone should get a massage, at least, once in a while:

1. It reduces anxiety and depression

Better mood is first one of wonderful health benefits of massage. While depression and anxiety are often treated with medication and psychotherapy, massage can prove to be just as effective for some people. Massage induces proper breathing and relaxation that can soothe away all those negative thoughts and fears.

2. It improves your circulation

Improved circulation is another one of health benefits of massage. Massage will improve the flow of oxygen and nutrition to the tissue cells, and this increase in circulation will alleviate tiredness, general aches and pains around the body.

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3. It improves your posture

A good, professionally done massage will also help improve your posture. It helps to train your muscles to sit in the right position, which improves their ability to support the bones in the body and keep you in a better posture.

4. It helps you recover from injury

Massage helps heal injuries faster and it improves the range of motion in your muscles. It can also help to break up scar tissue, which gives both muscles and bones improved movement.

5. It can help prevent illness and exercise injury

Massaging helps to relax the body and the muscles, this helps to prevent injury during exercise. Without this, muscles can become tense and are therefore more prone to strain.

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6. It helps the body detox

Health benefits of massage also include body detox. Through the process of kneading and the pressure of a massage, toxins are released from the tissues and more oxygen is circulated through the body. Massage releases dangerous toxins from the tissues, which can then be flushed out with water.

7. It relieves pain

A trained masseur can relieve the pain of migraines, arthritis and even cancer. Massage increases the blood flow, helps to block the pain receptors of the nervous system and improves mobility in the joints.

8. It reduces scaring

Massaging can significantly reduce the appearance of scars. By massaging an area affected by surgery or an injury, advanced massage techniques can help even the formation of collagen and smooth out scar tissue.

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9. It increases flexibility and mobility

Massage is one of the greatest ways to improve flexibility. After a soothing massage, you will feel like a new person! Your joints will feel more flexible and your muscles will feel relaxed. Massage greatly improves the flexibility and it will help you move around, bend and lift things, without feeling any pain.

10. It makes you feel great

A massage eases away the aches and pains, it relieves stress and puts you in a better mood. When the skin is massaged, it causes the body to release endorphins, which are a hormone that eases pain and improves the mood. A great way to relax and unwind!

Do you know some other health benefits of massage?