10 Benefits Of Cucumber Juice For Your Skin, Hair and Health


10 Fantastic Benefits Of Cucumber Juice For Your Skin, Hair and Health.

Recently started drinking cucumber juice and want to learn more about it? In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look a its top ten benefits for your skin, hair and health.

Cucumber juice was probably one of those things you’d never have tried as a kid. You wanted coke and lemonade. You didn’t want to drink a vegetable! Now that you’re a bit older, wiser and your taste buds have matured, it doesn’t seem so bad. It’s nutritious, versatile – and even tasty. Cucumbers themselves are stuffed with nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin C and more. They’re also super rich in water. And if you want a bit more taste, you can add sweeteners into the mix! Let’s take a look at 10 fantastic benefits of cucumber juice for your skin, hair and health.

Cucumber Juice Promotes Heart Health

Are you doing enough to support your heart? A lot of us aren’t. If we were, heart disease wouldn’t be the biggest killer in America. Way too many of us wait until it’s too late to get serious about our heart health, at which point even a good diet won’t reverse our ill health. Instead, we have to take pills for the rest of our life. If you care about your future, you should know that now is the time to make positive changes to your diet. And adding cucumber juice is one of them. Because it contains potassium, cucumber juice lowers blood pressure, which can in turn massively reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Make it your new favourite drink.

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Cucumber Juice Can Soothe Pain

Cucumber juice is rich in all kinds of anti-inflammatory agents that can help to relieve pain.

Cucumber Juice Rehydrates You

It’s really important that you stay hydrated. If you don’t, you’re susceptible to tiredness, skin issues and migraines. This is because, not only is water important for energy, it also flushes toxins from out of your body. However, many of us simply don’t drink enough water. Instead, we rely on coffee, energy drinks and the like. Few drinks hydrate us like cucumber juice. Because cucumber itself is basically 95% water, you just can’t go wrong. Dink a glass each morning to flush out your system, and continue drinking 2-3 glasses throughout the day for maximum benefits.

Cucumber Juice Slows Down The Ageing Process

Another one of amazing benefits of cucumber juice is that you stay hydrated, which also means that you get to slow down the ageing process. And no one wants to age before our time, right?! Cucumber juice is as potent as an over the counter skin care product that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and keeps you looking young.

Cucumber Juice Is A Good Source Of Fibre

The Centres For Disease Control and Prevention has highlighted cucumber juice as being a good source of fibre. This is a key nutrient that you can only get from plant-based food. It aids your digestive system, and can help you maintain a healthy weight. How? Fibre fills you up, leaving you feeing satisfied for longer. The fibre from cucumber juice can also relieve constipation and heal any nasty colon diseases. It also promotes better bowel movements and and stabilise blood sugar levels.

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Cucumber Juice Protects Your Brain

The cases of Alzheimer’s disease are on the rise. Like heart disease, this brain disorder can be avoided if you do and eat the right things in life. Because cucumber juice contains an anti-inflammatory substance known as fisetin, it’s able to reduce your risk of developing an age-related brain disease.

Cucumber Juice Is A Good Source Of Vitamin K

As well as dietary fibre, cucumber juice is also a good source of vitamin K, an essential nutrient that strengthens your teeth and bones. A glass of cucumber juice contains almost 20% of your daily recommended amount of vitamin K. This is important, because cases of the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis are on the rise. Osteoporosis greatly reduces the quality of your life, and puts you at a greater risk of fractured or even broken bones. Vitamin K also controls how thick your blood is, which will help to prevent excess bruising or bleeding.

Cucumber Juice Rejuvenates Your Skin

Want supermodel skin? Then you need to do the things that supermodels are doing – such as drinking cucumber juice. To get the look we crave, we have to follow what those who already have the look are doing. And those who have amazing skin will surely tell you that cucumber juice isn’t a bad thing. Even if they don’t drink it themselves, they’ll highly recommend it. You don’t need to drink cucumber juice for it to be super effective. Instead, you can apply it topically to your skin. If you apply it just once a day, you will soon start to see some pretty big changes. Cucumber juice can eliminate wrinkles, pimples, acne and blackheads, while in time restoring a healthy shine and glow to your skin.

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Cucumber Juice Fights Inflammation

Inflammation in your body is bad news because it can cause all kinds of issues, from migraines to disease. A lot of the time, we don’t even think about inflammation until it starts to cause us pain, but it’s a good idea to nip it in the bud before it gets out of control. And drinking cucumber juice can help you do just that. Cucumber juice helps to rid your body of uric acid which, once in the joints, can trigger arthritis and rheumatism – both of which can be really nasty and painful.

Cucumber Juice Strengthens Your Hair

Worried that you seem to be losing more hair than ever these days? Aren’t we all?! Hair loss is a major concern because, while it doesn’t cause us pain or anything like that, it can affect our self esteem and sense of self, which can greatly reduce the quality of our life. Cucumber juice is your hair’s new best friend. Because it’s rich in both sulphur and silicon, it stimulates hair growth while strengthening your existing strands.

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