10 homemade beauty tips for fairness


10 homemade beauty tips for fairness

When the queen asked “Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?” She didn’t like being told that it was Snow White. Perhaps she should have tried some of these fabulous homemade beauty tips for fairness and the story might have been a whole lot different! Read on and find ten fabulous tips on how you can make your skin fairer, naturally.

1. Protect your skin from the sun

First of all, here’s the obvious one! Wear sunscreen whenever you go out and remember that the sun can darken your skin, even on cloudy days. Not only will this trick keep your skin fairer, it will also protect your skin and help to stop premature ageing.

2. Exfoliate

Dead skin cells can accumulate on your skin and this will make your skin look dull. Exfoliate regularly and it will brighten up your complexion and bring the youthful glow back to your face.

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3. Get some sleep

Another simple way to keep your skin looking fresh is to make sure that you get enough sleep. Your skin does a lot of repair work when you sleep and a lack of sleep will cause dark circles under the eyes.

4. Crushed potatoes

One of the simplest homemade treatments to lighten the skin is potatoes, which have a natural, gentle, bleaching action on the skin. Just crush a raw potato, apply it to your skin, and leave it on for about ten minutes. Do this daily and you should see the difference in a couple of weeks.

5. Milk and lemon

A mixture of lemon juice and milk will both nourish your skin and lighten it. Pat the mixture onto your face with a clean cloth. Allow it to do its magic for about five minutes before rinsing off.

6. Drink plenty of water

Water will keep your skin hydrated and help to keep it clear from acne and pimples too. If you are not already, then try drinking at least eight glasses of water a day and you will soon see a marked improvement in your complexion.

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7. Turmeric, oatmeal and lemon juice

Turmeric is another natural ingredient that is well known for its ability to make skin fairer. For a great skin lightening face mask, mix a teaspoon of powdered oatmeal with a couple of drops of lemon juice along with a pinch of turmeric; mix it into a paste. Apply the paste to your skin, allow it dry and then rinse off again with warm water.

8. Tomato and oatmeal

This mixture is not as harsh as lemon juice can be, so it’s ideal for more sensitive skin. Mix equal parts of oatmeal and tomato into a paste and then apply to the skin and leave it on for about ten minutes. This mixture will not dry out in that time, so, it will lighten your skin, but it won’t make it dry.

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9. Honey and yoghurt

This is another great skin lightening recipe for people with more sensitive skin. Add a teaspoon of honey to half a cup of plain yoghurt, mix it together, and apply to your skin. Leave it for ten minutes and it will lighten your skin, and the antibacterial properties of the honey will help to clear up any acne as well.

10. Pure Lemon juice

You can apply pure lemon juice mixed with water to your skin, but be careful if you have sensitive skin or any open cuts or sores, because it can sting. It is, however, very effective at lightening the skin and you will only need to apply once a week for it to have an effect.

What are your favorite homemade beauty tips for fairness?

Stay beautiful!