6 Things Every Girl Must Know About Emergency Contraceptive Pills


6 Things Every Girl Must Know About Emergency Contraceptive Pills.


Everyone loves to have sex right? Yeah–We all love to be banged or bang someone every now and then but then again, it comes with it’s own consequences especially if you are not married to the person you are having sekz with.

I have observed that most people are having unprotected sex these days and it’s quite worrying. Most people have forgotten that STDs are still very real and there are lots of people carrying STDs around and if you are not lucky, your next sexual adventure could throw you into the pool of STDs, something you wouldn’t want at all and if you are not careful, you contract the deadly HIV/AIDS.

Well, the purpose of this article is not to delve into STDs but the use of contraceptives. Most of the people, who read my previous article from 2014 on how to avoid getting pregnant, send me Whatsapp message every now and them, asking me questions ranging on contraceptives and the most popular contraceptives most people use these days are the post-pills.

Aside the fear of contracting an STD, the biggest fear of most teenagers or even young adults these days is getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant especially when they are not ready or they feel the person is not the right person.

For this reason, most people who don’t like to use Condoms, resort to emergency contraceptive pills to prevent any form of unwanted pregnancy.

I will share with you guys some of the popular emergency contraceptive pills in Ghana that can help you prevent pregnancy, provided you take them within 72 hours after having unprotected sekz and some 6 things you should know about emergency contraceptive pills.

Some Popular Emergency Contraceptive Pills In Ghana

1.Lydia Post Pill

2. Potex 2

3. Postinor 1 & 2

4. Lenor

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5. E-Pill

6. Contra 72

7. Primolut- N (N – tablet)

What You Should Know About These Emergency Contraceptive Pills.

Just like the name suggests, you take them after having unprotected sex, and the man leaves his sperms in you and you don’t want to get pregnant yet for obvious reasons.

1.It’s always best to take it within 24 hours after Unprotected S.ex

Doctors say the drugs can be effective even if taken after 48 hours of unprotected sex but what you should know is that, it’s effectiveness diminishes as the hours go by. We are all different and some sperms are very stubborn. Some women too are overly fertile that’s why it’s always best to take it within 24 hours after sekx. Sometimes you can forget to take it within the 24 hours, so you can still take it so far as the 72 hours have not elapsed but fact is, it’s safer when it’s taken within 24 hours, so if you know you are going to get things kicked, buy it before the adventure even starts and take it after.

2.It can delay your Menses or Make It come earlier than expected

Yes, once you take the emergency contraceptive pill, know that, your menstrual cycle is likely to change so you may not see your menses on the normal date which you are expecting it. Depending on how close you were to having your menses before sex, your menses can come earlier than your normal date which is perfectly normal. It can be a week earlier, or some days earlier. Sometimes too, it pushes it. Most people have had their menses weeks later after taking the pill instead of the normal dates, that they are expecting it.

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So when you take it, and it delays sometimes or comes earlier, don’t be surprised. Most at times, when it delays, most girls who are not used to it get scared. It’s always best to have a pregnancy tester available to do a second check when you feel it’s taking too long to come, just to be sure.

3. When You Are In Your Menses & You Have Sekz, There’s No Need To Take The Drug

Legend has it that, when girls are menstruating, they feel even hornier for sex, so if a guy makes a move, and is not bothered about the whole ‘eeewwwwness’ of the blood and scent, they bang it out. Whether it’s a taboo or morally wrong, most people still have sex when in their menses, they take a bath and just do it. And as you know, when a woman is in her menses and she has sex and the sperms is left inside her, there’s no way she would get pregnant so for this reason, there’s no need to take the pill.

4.There’s No Serious Side Effect but Avoid Taking Them Too Much

There’s no side effects in taking these emergency contraceptive pills, doctors say but as you know, too much of everything is bad. Imagine you are having sex, almost every 3 days and you have to take the drug each time, you would just f*ck up your system. Most often, if you take it continuously in a week, it won’t work and you could end up getting pregnant

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I always advise that, people shouldn’t take the drug more than twice in a month. Depending on how frequent you are going to have sekz, try and compliment some of the sessions with Condoms or ask the guy to use the withdrawal method, so you won’t have to be taking the drug all of the time.

5. It Can Prevent Pregnancy But Can’t Save you from STDs.

Never have the impression that, once you take the pill, it will prevent you from getting any Sexually Transmitted Disease like HIV/AIDs, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, and the rest. So while you are at it and having fun, be careful and always use a condom, if you don’t trust the person or not even married to the person. They could be having numerous sexu.al partners.


6.It’s Not 100% Guaranteed To Save You From Getting Pregnant but works 99% of the time.

Don’t be scared, I am just being realistic. It’s a drug and it works 99% of the time, meaning there’s a 1 percent probability of not working for you. Every woman is different. Some people have still gotten pregnant even after taking the pill but those are rare instances. Like I said some people are overly fertile. Sometimes too, the time you take it after se.x is a factor. Which is why it’s best to take it within 24 hours. You will be safer if you take it within 24 hours than when you take it say 70 hours after unprotected se.x

So what should I do? For the most girls who contact me, I always tell them to be careful with whom they are sleeping around with. Sekz is sweet but it has it’s consequences. So if you are scared of getting pregnant, then don’t have SE.X at all!!

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